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Getting Started - Compass Exam System

Last Updated: Oct 14, 2019 12:34PM IST

What is Compass

Compass is Certiport's new exam delivery platform that incorporates features from both Console 8 and an earlier version of Compass to provide one solution to deliver all Certiport’s certification exams. If you currently have Console 8, a Console update will be released on 13 August, that can be used to update to Compass prior to Console 8's retirement, effective 31 August 2019. If you do not have Console 8 or would prefer to install Compass from scratch, rather than via an update, you can do so using the latest Compass Setup file on Certiport's website - Instructions here.

A breakdown of features can be found at but in summary, Compass supports two methods of exam delivery - Online and Local. These refer primarily to the local of exam data (completed questions, time used, etc). Online exam delivery does not mean that the exam is delivered through an internet browser/website. Local exam delivery does not mean that it can be delivered without an internet connection.

All exams require Compass to be installed and configured on each computer that will be used to deliver certification exams.

Depending on the exam/s that you plan to run There are several ways to approach the installation/configuration of Compass. Before you start, please consider:
  1. That Compass is purpose built and developed to run in a particular environment. Be aware of and meet the Technical Requirements for the Programme (i.e. MOS 2016 - under "Certification programs") and Compass (under "Exam delivery systems")
  • Specifically the need for Administrative Rights (Where applicable). You can use a Windows Local Admin (capable of accessing the internet) or a Domain Admin. It is often best to set up a Windows Profile specifically for exam delivery.
  • Also note program specific requirements. i.e. needing the "US Metric" Revit Content for the Revit Exams or specific versions or the Adobe CC 2018 applications.
  1. Who will be logging into Windows to run the Exams? As the System requires Admin Rights to run, you could login to Windows with an Admin Profile, or you can configure Compass to run as this Admin by using the "Admin Credentials" Tool. This will allow a Standard User to login to Windows and then launch Compass without you having to share the Admin Windows credentials.
  • Note: If you use the Admin Credentials Tool to run as an Admin, the Applications (Office, Autodesk, etc…) need to be licensed, activated and set up on that Admin Profile. Basically, you should be able to open the Application and start a new file in that Application without being confronted by any pop-ups - licensing, activation, EULA, etc… as these can disrupt the Exam Launch process.
  1. You need an Org Admin account associated to a Test Centre Account in order to download, install and configure Compass. You can register with Certiport here and then have an existing Org Admin associate you to the Test Centre Account using these steps. If you think that you already have an Account (User or Test Centre) but are not sure of the details, please get in touch.

If you have any other issues or questions regarding this, please contact us (top right of this page) and we will be happy to help.

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