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Compass - Additional/Optional Settings

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2019 08:57AM GMT
After installing Compass, you may need to configure settings other than just linking Compass to a Test Centre Account. You may have to configure Compass to communicate through a Proxy Server or connect a "Compass Client" to a "Compass Server" to receive Exam Content, etc..... Some of these settings are required (i.e. Test Centre Account), while some only have to be done to navigate environmental conditions - i.e. Proxy / Admin Credentials) or to streamline the application of the Exam Content (i.e. LAN Settings / Updates) can be configured as a matter of preference. These settings can configured using the GUI or as part of a silent/scripted installation using switches. For a full description of the supported command-line switches, navigate to the Compass Setup file in Command Line and run "Compass_Setup.exe /?". Below are examples of how to configure the settings with the GUI and switches.

Test Centre Account

After you install Compass, you need to link it to a Test Centre Account.

To do this with the GUI:
  1. Launch Compass
  2. Login with a Org Member or Admin Account
  3. In the "Certiport ID" drop down, select your Test Centre Account, scroll down and then click "Save".

To configure this during a silent installation you need to use three switches:
  1. /TestCenterID = Test Center ID defines which specific Testing Centre is using this instance of Compass.
  2. /CertiportID = An optional parameter. Usually the same as /TestCenterID.
  3. /TestCenterName = An optional parameter that will display the name of the Testing Centre to the end user. Value must be surrounded by double quotes if there is a space character in the name.

Example: your Test Centre Name is "Test Boss" and your ID is "1234567". The Installation parameters should be something like:

Compass_Setup.exe /Silent Path="C:\Certiport\Compass" /TestCenterID 1234567 /CertiportID 1234567 /TestCenterName "Test Boss" /LanguageCode ENU


Compass will typically default to the language that your Operating System is configured to but you can change it. The example above illustrates how you use the /LanguageCode switch to set the language, in this case, to English (ENU). 

To set/change this with the GUI:
  1. Launch Compass and login with an Admin Account
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. In the "Language" drop down, select your preferred language (ensure that the exam you want to run, is available in your chosen language at, then scroll down and click "Save"

Admin Credentials

Some exams, like Local MOS exams, require Local Windows Administrator privileges to run. This includes turning off any Local and/or Group Policies that will prevent Compass from functioning properly (e.g. prevention of registry access, local read/write access, or internet access, etc.).

Due to the access that Compass requires, the software has a built-in Admin Credential store for CATC’s that do not wish to give full access to a Test Candidate. By saving the Windows Admin (Local or Domain) credentials into Compass, they will only be called upon when Compass is run. Configured correctly, this will allow users to login to Windows with a Standard User Account and be able to launch an exam. To configure this in the GUI:
  1. Navigate to the Compass Settings and click on Admin Credentials
  2. Enter the Windows Admin credentials. Leave Domain Field blank for Local Admin Accounts
    • you do not need to use ".\" for local accounts
    • if using a Domain account, enter the Domain Name in the Domain Field.
  3. Scroll down and click "Save" to restart Compass
The switches to configure these Settings during a silent installation are:
  1. /ImpersonationUser = Username for specifying an administrative account for Compass to use. Password is Required.
  2. /ImpersonationPassword = Password Compass can use to impersonate a User for administrative priveleges. Requires Username.
  3. /ImpersonationDomain = Domain of Impersonation credentials. Username & password are required to set the domain.

Note: Incorrect data for these fields will prevent Compass from launching using the desktop shortcut or from a limited user account.


Local Account: Compass_Setup.exe /Silent Path="C:\Certiport\Compass" /TestCenterID 1234567 /CertiportID 1234567 /TestCenterName "Test Boss" /LanguageCode ENU /ImpersonationUser TestAdmin /ImpersonationPassword pa$$w0rd

Domain Account: Compass_Setup.exe /Silent Path="C:\Certiport\Compass" /TestCenterID 1234567 /CertiportID 1234567 /TestCenterName "Test Boss" /LanguageCode ENU /ImpersonationUser TestAdmin /ImpersonationPassword pa$$w0rd /ImpersonationDomain DomainName


LAN Settings

After installing Compass, you need to install the Exam Content for the Exams that you want to deliver. You can download this content individually on each machine or you can configure networked machines to apply these from a "Compass Server" in the room. Basically, you download the Exam Content on to one machine and configure the others to install these across the network. 

We have a page dedicated to the configuration of both "Compass Server" and "Compass Client" Settings here - Compass LAN Solution


After you have installed Exam Content, if updates are released for that content, you will need to install the updates on your Testing Machines. Compass has an updater that runs as a Windows service called “CertiportNow”. This allows all updates (both system and exam) to run in the background as long as Compass is installed, the computer is turned on, and has an active internet connection.

There are three update frequency settings available:
  • Daily: CertiportNow checks for updates Every 24 hours, at the specified Update Time
  • Weekly: CertiportNow checks for updates Every 7 days, at the specified Update Time
  • Manual: Notifies the Admin that updates are available and will indicate the number of updates via the Updates Tile on the Home screen. The bar will remain green unless a critical update is present

By default this Settings is configured to "Daily" and the time in "Update Time in 24hr Format" is configured to the time that you install Compass.

Alternatively, to configure this in the GUI:
  1. Navigate to the Compass Settings
  2. In the Updates area, select your preferred frequency and enter your preferred time (24hr Format)
  3. Scroll down and click "Save"
The switches to configure these Settings during a silent installation are:
  1. /UpdateSchedule = When should Compass be updated? Options:
  • Daily - (Default) Compass will download exam and system updates on a daily schedule.
  • Weekly - Compass will only download exam and system updates weekly.
  • Manual - Compass will not automatically download any updates, an administrative user will need to log in each time an update is required to take an exam.
  1. /UpdateTime = What time of day should automatic updates be downloaded and installed.
Example (with Local Admin Account):

Compass_Setup.exe /Silent Path="C:\Certiport\Compass" /TestCenterID 1234567 /CertiportID 1234567 /TestCenterName "Test Boss" /LanguageCode ENU /UpdateSchedule Daily /UpdateTime 13:18

Proxy Server

Compass will normally access the Internet using your default settings, typically those in Internet Options. There may be times when you need to configure Compass to use use a Proxy Server. To do this in the GUI:
  1. Navigate to the Compass Settings
  2. In the Proxy Server area, tick "Use a Proxy Server"
  3. Enter the applicable IP Addresses and credentials
  4. Click OK and restart Compass
The switches to configure these Settings during a silent installation are:
  1. /ProxyUsername = Proxy Username. Required for setting Proxy Password.
  2. /ProxyPassword = Proxy Password. Required for setting Proxy Username.
  3. /ProxyAddress = Proxy Address. Required if any other Proxy parameters are specified.
  4. /ProxyPort = Proxy Port. Required if any other Proxy parameters are specified.

Note: Incorrect proxy data will only prevent Compass from being able to connect to Certiport. The settings can be changed from within Compass, if needed.


Compass_Setup.exe /Silent Path="C:\Certiport\Compass" /TestCenterID 1234567 /CertiportID 1234567 /TestCenterName "Test Boss" /LanguageCode ENU /ProxyAddress /ProxyPort 8080

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