Compass - Setup by Exam Programme

Some exams need you to have the vendor application installed on the testing machine along with Compass and the Exam Content. Some exams just need Compass and the Exam Content to be set up. This page is intended to help you determine which but if you have any questions, please Contact Support (top right).

Before installing Compass, please be aware of, and meet the Technical Requirements for the Programme (i.e. MOS 2016 - under "Certification programs") and Compass (under "Exam delivery systems").

If you are running exams for:

  • App Development with Swift Certification Level 1
  • EC-Council Associate Series
  • Entrepreneur and Small Business
  • IC3 Certifications
  • Microsoft Certified Educator
  • Microsoft Technology Associate
  • QuickBooks Certified User
  • Unity Certified User

You need Compass and the Exam Content:

  1. Download and Install Compass
  2. Login as an Organisation Administrator and configure your Test Centre Account and any Optional Settings (If necessary)
  3. Click on Manage Exams in the menu on the left then click on Download Additional Exams
  4. Scroll down the list and expand/select (tick the corresponding boxes) the Programmes/Exams as necessary. If you do not see the Programme/Exam that you need, toggle the selector on the top right, to "All Available Exams"
  5. Click Download Exams. Once you have installed the Content, restart Compass.

If you want to run exams for the following, please visit the appropriate page or pages for more information:


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