Using Images, Citrix, or Thin Client Environments

The iQsystem exam delivery software cannot function properly if it is part of an image (e.g. Ghost Imaging), Citrix or thin/zero client environments. Concurrent (live-application) exam delivery means that any MOS certification test administered with the iQsystem uses the corresponding Office application and runs it from the local machine, so that the test candidate works within the actual Office application itself to answer the test questions. Because registry settings, dll files, and root files are accessed by iQsystem through the login of the local Administrator, iQsystem must be installed locally and deployed locally from each machine. Imaging, Citrix and Thin/Zero/Web Client environments are not supported because they will not allow iQsystem to work locally with each machine and correctly access the defaults paths needed to successfully deliver exams using this concurrent method.

Note: MOS 2007 Exams & the iQsystem 7 Exam Delivery System are being retired on the 30th of January 2016.
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