GMetrix Access Code Expiration Parameters

GMetrix Access Codes are usually limited by two factors - Total number of uses (how many times you can use a Code to start a new Test) and a time limit. GMetrix Administrators are able to configure these settings so it is possible that yours may differ to the following. If in doubt, refer to your GMetrix Administrator.

Generally, GMetrix Access Codes are valid for 50 or 100 uses and for a time limit of 365 days from the day that they are first redeemed.

Expiry dates are normally shown in US Format (mm/dd/yyyy). In some cases, the date shown may be before you expect your time limit to expire. In most cases, this is the expiration date of the license that was used to generate the Code. As this occurs before the Code's expiration date, the system shows this by default. This is not usually a cause for concern, but if you are, refer to your GMetrix Administrator or get in touch.
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