Can I find my Microsoft Certification ID on my Certiport Profile?

Yes. If you did not provide an ID when you registered to take Microsoft Exams with Certiport, Microsoft will automatically generate a Microsoft Certification ID for you when you pass a MOS (MOS 2007 and up) or MTA Exam. There are several ways to find your ID and one of them is to check your Microsoft Registration Data on your Certiport Profile:
  • Login in to with the username and password that you used to take your Exams
  • Click on the “My Profile” button on the top right hand side
  • Click on the “Programs” tab
  • To the right of the Microsoft heading, click on the “Edit registration data” link
  • This will open a new window that displays your Microsoft Registration details and you will find your ID in the field titled “Microsoft Certification ID”.
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