How do I register to take a Certiport Exam?

Certiport Registration

  • Please visit to register a Certiport Test Candidate Account. 
  • Follow the steps, and ensure to keep a record of your username and password, as you will require these details for every Certiport Exam which you sit or to access your Digital Transcript.
  • Prodigy Learning recommends that you choose your first name and last name as your username (Example: John Smyth = Username: johnsmyth) and that you choose a password that you will easily remember such as your pet’s name, favourite sports team, mother’s maiden name, etc.

Programme Registration

In order to take an exam, you must be registered with the certification programme, for example: with Microsoft or Adobe.

You can complete this this step during your Certiport registration and to do this:

  • In the "Choose A Purpose" section, tick the "Take an exam or prepare for an exam" option and click "Next"
  • Click "Register" for the appropriate programme. i.e. if you intend to take a MOS exam, click the "Register" button in the "Microsoft" section. You can register for more than one programme
  • Compete the registration as required. In most cases, you can click the "Use my Certiport profile data" button to auto populate the fields
    • *Note: where applicable, make sure that you accept any required Non-Disclosure and/or EULA Agreements.
  • Once done, click "Submit" and you will be returned to the registration page where you can register for additional programmes if necessary
  • Click "Next" to move to the Summary and then click "Finish".

If you skipped this step previously or want to register for additional programmes later:

  • Login to
  • Click on "My Profile" (top right)
  • Click on the "Programs" tab
  • Click "Register" for the appropriate programme and complete the process as above.

Should you wish to edit/update your registration data:

  • Login to
  • Click on "My Profile" (top right)
  • Click on the "Programs" tab
  • Click "Edit registration data" for the programme that you want to edit
  • The Registration page will appear for you to make any change/s. At this point, check that any Non-Disclosure and/or EULA Agreements have been accepted
  • Click "Submit" to close the Registration page.



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