Getting Started: MeasureUp Practice Tests

Get started with MeasureUp practice tests for certifications including Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, Oracle, PMI, VMware and many more.  This article includes instructions for administrators using the MeasureUp portal to manage practice test licenses.

Logging into the new MeasureUp Partner Portal

These resources are to introduce customers who have purchased a MeasureUp practice test license to the basics of creating keys (to allow users to access practice tests), viewing reports, managing groups, etc.

Additional Resources:

  1. How to order keys
  2. How to send keys
  3. How to create reports
  4. How to create a group
  5. How to manage a group

Applies to: Customers who have purchased a MeasureUp license and have access to the MeasureUp Portal.

More Questions?

For additional support and frequently asked questions, please visit the Learning Solutions FAQ.

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