If English is not my candidate's first language, can s/he get a time extension?

No but Certiport does offer Exams in a wide range of languages.

Generally, if you intend to take an Exam through iQsystem/Console, you will have to download and install the localised version of iQsystem/Console which should also match the language that Windows & MS Office are set to. For Exams delivered through Certiport’s Online Exam Portal, you do not have to have a special PC Configuration, you can simply select a language (if it is available) on the Exam Selection Screen.

If you would like more information, please let us know which Exam/s you are interested and we will get back to you with the relevant steps.

Note: MOS 2007 Exams & the iQsystem 7 Exam Delivery System are being retired on the 30th of January 2016.
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