How To: Associate a staff member to your Test Centre Account

In order to Proctor Exams or administer your Test Centre Account (run Reports, etc...), staff members need to be associated to it, typically, as an Organisation Member or Organisation Administrator. To associate a staff member to your Test Centre Account, make sure that s/he has a Certiport Profile (if not, they can register at, and then:    

  1. login to as an Organisation Administrator/Member
  2. hover your cursor over "ORG PROFILE" & click on "Associations"
  3. type the username or email address in to the "Find" field & click Search
  4. click on the user's surname (orange hyperlink) to associate his/her profile to the Test Centre. The default Role is Organisation Member, but you can change this with the "User Role" drop down. To assign this user as a Proctor, place a tick in the box in the Proctor column that corresponds with this user.

Note: users must accept the Proctor Agreement before you can associate them to the Test Centre Account as a Proctor. See for details.

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