Compass - Machine setup for ACU Exams

Before installing Compass, please be aware of, and meet the Technical Requirements for the Programme (i.e. ACU - under "Certification programs") and Compass (under "Exam delivery systems").

These exams require a complete, local installation of the Autodesk software that corresponds with the exam that you want to launch. Exams can work with 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 or 2022 versions of the Autodesk Software where applicable. Please check the Exam Releases page for which exams and localizations work with the applicable versions of the Autodesk software.

Note: For Revit Metric Exams, if you are outside the United States, please also install the U.S. Metric Content Library - See How to install this add-on component instructions.

Please note, if you are running an updated version of the application (for example, Revit 2019.2) or any version of the application that opens on the new Home screen (below), Candidates will have to switch to Classic Home (bottom) by pressing Ctrl+D or on the icon next to the Program Icon (i.e. the Revit "R", below) before they can interact with the exam data files. Compass should launch the application before you start the exam so let it open fully and make this change before switching back to Compass and launching the exam:



Once the supported Autodesk application/s has/have been installed, move on to the Compass setup

Setting up Compass

If Console 8 is installed on the machines, uninstall it before proceeding.

  1. Download and Install Compass
  2. Login as an Organisation Administrator and configure your Test Centre Account and any Optional Settings (If necessary)
  3. Click on Manage Exams in the menu on the left then click on Download Additional Exams
  4. Navigate to and expand the Autodesk Certified User categories 
  5. Select the relevant Exams
  6. Click Download Exams. Once you have installed the Content, restart Compass.

If you are working with several machines, take a look at Compass - Distribute Exam Content by LAN

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