Compass - Machine setup for MOS

Before installing Compass, please be aware of, and meet the Technical Requirements for the Programme (i.e. MOS 2016 - under "Certification programs") and Compass (under "Exam delivery systems").

These exams require a complete, local installation of the Microsoft Office Suite that corresponds with the exam/s that you want to launch. i.e. for MOS 2013, you need Office 2013 - for MOS 2016, you need Office 2016. If using Microsoft 365 applications for MOS 2016 and/or the Office 2019 and 365 exams, please take special note of the supported versions of Office for each programme, as specified by Certiport in the on the Technical Requirements page. Please also note that Office Updates should be configured to the Semi Annual Update Channel.

Once installed, Office must be activated on the Windows user profile that you want to use for Exam delivery. i.e. if you configure Compass to run as a local Admin, you must first make sure that Office is licensed/activated on/for that Admin. If you are not sure, launch MS Word as this Admin user and check for any prompts. If you can open a blank document without seeing any prompts, move on to the Compass setup. If you have to acknowledge prompts, do what you have to to clear them and repeat until you can open a blank document without any prompts. If you are using Shared Activation Licensing or similar for Office, please get in touch

Setting up Compass

If Console 8 is installed on the machines, uninstall it before proceeding.

  1. Download and Install Compass
  2. Login as an Organisation Administrator and configure your Test Centre Account and any Optional Settings (If necessary)
  3. Click on Manage Exams in the menu on the left then click on Download Additional Exams
  4. Navigate to and expand the Microsoft Office Specialist category. 
  5. Select the relevant Exams
  6. Click Download Exams. Once you have installed the Content, restart Compass.

If you are working with several machines, take a look at Compass - Distribute Exam Content by LAN

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