How To: Bulk Register Test Candidates

Before you start:

To Bulk Register Candidates, you will need the "Teacher" role on your Certiport Profile. If you do not see this in your Role drop down list, please get in touch.

Quick Steps:
  1. If profiles have already been created for the students, please do not create a new profile.
  2. Please disable ALL popup blockers, including Google, Yahoo, and other Internet Explorer-installed blockers and automatic updates. If blockers are not disabled, the page that includes the username and password for each new profile will not be shown.
  3. Please create a comma separated (.csv) data file using the following guidelines (do not include a header line):
  • Column 1: LastName
  • Column 2: FirstName
  • Column 3: StudentID (optional)
  • Column 4: AlternateName (optional)
  • Column 5: Voucher (optional)
  • Column 6: UserName (optional)
  • Please delete any extra worksheets in the Excel Workbook -- when creating a new Excel workbook three sheets will automatically be opened.

If double-byte or extended characters are included in the file, save the file as 'Unicode Text' which will create a tab delimited file.
  1. Login Information -- username and password -- will be automatically generated. The username will be based on the FirstName and LastName as provided. If an 'AlternateName' is specified, the login name will be based on that value. If a 'UserName' is specified, this value must contain only ASCII characters and will used if the username doesn't already exist. If it does, the login name will be generated based on that value.
  2. The candidates will need to complete the registration by logging in at
  3. Vouchers may be assigned to users. Please ensure that they are entered correctly and that the vouchers have not been assigned previously.
  4. Please print or save the list of usernames and passwords that will pop-up after the bulk registration is successfully completed.

It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer to complete this process.


Click here to download the full Bulk Registration Guide.
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