GMetrix: Path does not exist

While running a module in GMetrix SMS, you are asked to save/open/publish a file to the "GMetrixTemplates" folder. When you try to do this, you see a message which tells you that the "Path does not exist".


This may indicate that the "GMetrixTemplates" folder has not been generated properly in the user's "Documents" (a.k.a "My Documents") folder but before moving on to the following steps, ensure that you are actually attempting to save/open/publish the file to a valid path and that it is available. If this is a network location, you may need to check this with your Network Technicians.
  1. Launch the GMetrix Module that you were using when you saw this message
  2. When you see one of the affected questions, open "Windows Explorer"
  3. navigate to your "Documents" (a.k.a "My Documents") folder
  4. delete the "GMetrixTemplates" folder
  5. return to the GMetrix Module and click on the "Reset" button

Once you have done this, try the question again. If the problem persists, please contact us
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