How To: Use the Components of the ACCA Special Offer to its Members

The following is intended as a guide to help you use the components of the Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle, Online Video Training Course or Certification Exam Voucher with Practice Test available to ACCA Members. Depending on what you have purchased some or more of the following may not apply to you. 

GMetrix (LearnKey) Video Training

LearnKey Video Training for MOS, powered by GMetrix (, is self-paced and flexible. To access the Video Training, you must register a GMetrix Profile (if you do not already have one) and then redeem your Access Code. These Access Codes usually begin with "LKEY-", have some numbers in the middle, then end with an Identifier. For example - "LKEY-12345-54321-MOS".

The following video outlines the steps:


Note: The profile that you create for this can also be used for the GMetrix Practice Tests below.


GMetrix Practice Tests

GMetrix is the leading online learning / practice test software for MOS certification. It is an essential part of the complete MOS training solution, incorporating Skills Analysis, Online Action Learning (live in the application) and Practice Test features. 

Please be aware that you'll need the appropriate version of Microsoft Office on your computer to run the live in the application tests.

To use GMetrix using your Access Code:

  1. Go to and download the software.
  2. Once installed, double click the “GMetrix SMS” shortcut on your desktop.
  3. At the login screen click “Register Here” and fill in the required details.  You have now created your account.
  4. You are automatically directed to the “Log In” area.  The e-mail address you have registered now becomes your “User ID”.  Log in and enter your Access Code when requested.
  5. You'll then be prompted to select the appropriate Microsoft Office application - please be sure to choose the correct subject, as you won't be able to change it later!

For more detailed instructions on using GMetrix (including the training and testing modes available) please consult the GMetrix User Guide on the GMetrix Student Portal.

MOS Exam Voucher

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the world's most recognised computing qualification for proving a person's skills and abilities in Microsoft's Office applications. 

When you are ready to sit your MOS Exam, locate your nearest Certiport Test Centre at  Contact the Test Centre directly to book your Exam date and time.

Please note, Test Centres may charge an Exam Administration ("Proctoring") Fee to candidates redeeming an Exam Voucher. Prodigy Learning's recommended Exam Administration Fee is £15 / €18 per Exam.

Ensure you are registered as a Certiport “Test Candidate” prior to the day of your Exam.  On the day of your Exam, please bring your Exam Voucher (please print vouchers received electronically) to the Test Centre along with Photo ID (Passport, Driving License, etc.).  Test Centre staff will use your Exam Voucher to start your Exam.

The Exam Vouchers supplied as part of this special offer do not include Free Retakes.

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