How To: Install Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer & Other Browsers (ActiveX & Plug-in Versions)

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Open Control Panel (Large or Small icon view)> Flash Player (32-bit)> Advanced. You will see the version numbers for each on this tab.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Need Flash Player for a different computer?” link

  1. Select the Operating System that you have on your PC

  1. Select the version that you want to download
            Flash Player for Internet Explorer = ActiveX
            Flash Player for Other Browsers = Plug-in

  1. Remove the tick from the Optional offer and click “Install now”


When prompted, "Save" the file and wait for the download to complete before running/installing it.

Please Note: You can only download one version at a time so once you have installed one; you will have to repeat these steps to install the other.

Applies to: All products that require an installation of Adobe Flash Player
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