What to Do if an Exam Freezes or Crashes

Should the exam crash or freeze, DO NOT MOVE the candidate to a different PC unless advised to by a Prodigy Learning/Certiport support agent. The Proctor should restart the testing machine. To do this, he/ she may be required to Power down the testing machine.
  1. On most PC’s this can be done by depressing and holding the Power button or simply unplugging the power cord (desktop PCs only)
  1. Wait for ten seconds and then restart the machine and then log the Test Candidate back into the Exam System.
  1. The interrupted exam will show in the “Exam Selection” screen as “In Progress
  1. Select this and then  Continue to the Proctor Screen - you are not required to use another Voucher/ Inventory unit
  1. Launch the exam as normal
  1. The Test Candidate’s progress will be restored to their last "saved" point (MOS 2013 Exams) or the last point before the crash occurred (MOS 2007 & 2010)

If the problem persists, please contact us as soon as possible.
The system may notify you that the student is already logged in and starting a new exam will cause them to lose progress. So long as the candidate is logged into the same Testing Station as their first attempt their progress will be restored.
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