Exams From Home (EFH) Admin Guide Part 3: Delivering your Exams and Troubleshooting


Prior to each scheduled Exam session, an email is sent to the Exam Administrator (sent to the email address on the profile used to book the session). This email will include your Exam Administrator (Admin VM/Virtual Machine) link for you, along with a link for each Test Candidate in the session you requested. You must forward the individual links to the corresponding Test Candidates before the exam session can begin (one per Test Candidate, do not share the whole list). When the Test Candidate(s) receive this link, they will click on it to start their exams as indicated in the Exam Process section of the Test Candidate Guide (https://prodigylearning.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360007467517)


Note: It is vital that both you and your Test Candidates are prompt. The sessions are only active for 1 hr and 45 mins, so Test Candidates that start later than 15 minutes past the hour should be rescheduled for a later date to avoid a session timeout.

Before your candidates can take an exam, you must to configure which Test Centre account and start the Test Candidate machines. You will be able to do this 5 minutes before your session is scheduled to start:

      1. Simply open the Admin VM link and sign in to the “Certiport Exams from Home Administration” screen with your Admin/Proctor Certiport profile.EFH_Admin_Home.png
      2. Select your Test Centre Account, then click the “Start MachinesEFH_Admin_Select-CATC.png
      3. Maximize your browser window and do not adjust it during the exam session. Important: Changes you make to your own browser window may negatively impact the Test Candidate’s experience.
      4. This will display the main Admin VM screen, which will list all the individual Test Candidate sessions as separate windows (up to 10).
        At this point the Test Candidate links will be active and Compass will be ready for the Test Candidates to log in.EFH_Admin_View_.png
      5. The windows will be stacked in the browser and you can use the hyperlinks to quickly navigate up and down the list of Test Candidate machines.
      6. Guide the Test Candidates through the login, exam selection, exam payment, and exam group selection Use the Notepad to answer questions from the Test Candidates. Have an alternative method of communication between you(the Proctor) the candidates for the duration of the exam as Notepad is not available during the exam itself.   EFH_Admin_Notepad.png
      7. Check that the Candidate and Exam details are correct then enter your Proctor Credentials and unlock the exam.EFH_Admin_View_Proctor.png
        • While Proctors have always been responsible for confirming candidate identity and exam information (Click here for steps), from 24 November 2020, you will also have to confirm that you have completed these checks before you are able to enter your Proctor Credentials:mceclip2.png
      8. During the exam session scroll through all the Test Candidate to proctor the exam session.
        • As you scroll through the Admin VM, do not hover your mouse cursor over any individual desktop session as this will interrupt the Test Candidate’s mouse.
      9. When Test Candidates finish their exam, they will exit Compass and then close the browser containing the virtual session.
      10. Test Candidates can access their score report on their own computer by opening a new web browser and logging in at certiport.com
      11. Once all the exam sessions are complete, sign out of the Exams from Home Admin VM by clicking your name in the top, right-hand corner and clicking logout.
      12. After the results have been uploaded to Certiport you can sign in to the Certiport website and run any reports as normal, but please note it may take slightly longer than normal for the results to be uploaded.

Errors & Troubleshooting

Q: What should I do if I accidentally refresh the Admin VM window or log out of the Admin VM after the Test Candidates have joined?

A: These actions will boot the Test Candidate from the session but will not reset their exam. Quickly click the Admin VM link, sign in, and click “Start Machines” again. Test Candidates will see their session return and be able to resume.

Q: What should I do if I accidentally resize the VM window?

A: If you minimized, maximized, or otherwise manually resized a window undo your actions immediately.

Q: What should I do if I lose internet or experience an error?

A: Similar to the Test Candidate, you will simply need to click on the Admin VM link from the spreadsheet in order to re-establish the session. If your outage is prolonged, or you experience an unrecoverable error, please contact Support using the details in the email with your links or submit a ticket here using the Subject "EFH Support".

Q: I’m seeing an all-black or an all-white screen inside the Test Candidate’s session, what should I do?

A: Each session window in the Admin VM has a “Refresh” button next to it. Click the button to reload the session frame which should correct the issue (if it doesn’t address the issue please contact Support using the Subject "EFH Support") After you click Refresh, the Test Candidate will be presented with an “Exam Session is not Active” error, prompting them to click their own Refresh button. After the Test Candidate re-enters the session, they will enter at the exact point at which the problem occurred and will be able to resume their exam.


Q: What should I do in the event of a freeze or crash?

A: If the Test Candidate’s local machine freezes, they should reboot and then click the same link they were provided originally.

If an element within the Student VM should freeze or crash (Compass, local software, etc.), reboot it from the Admin VM. This is only to be used as a last resort. To do this:

  • make sure the Student VM is in focus in your Admin VM window
  • press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard. This will bring up the usual blue screen (with Lock/ Sign Out/ Task Manager, etc.. options) on your device, the Admin VM and the Student VM.
  • Click the Cancel button on your device and the Admin VM screens
  • On the Student VM screen, click "Sign Out"
  • wait for the machine to close down then click on the "Refresh" button. This will restart the Student VM. Have the candidate refresh (F5) their browser window and they should be able to connect to the machine then login to Compass and resume their exam.

If your own device should experience a crash, then restart your computer and click the Admin VM link. If necessary, sign in, and click “Start Machines” again.

Q: A Test Candidate or an Exam Administrator (Instructor) keeps getting disconnected from the virtual session or the Admin VM without an error, is there anything we can try?

A: Yes. Browsers on personal computers are often loaded with third-party toolbars, extensions, and plug-ins that may adversely affect performance. Try using an “Incognito” window in your browser and see if that fixes the situation. In Chrome, you can open a new Incognito window by clicking the 3 dots in the top, right-hand corner and selecting “New incognito window” or by holding “Ctrl+Shift+N”. In Microsoft Edge, the same window is called an “InPrivate” window and can be launched the same way as Chrome or by holding “Ctrl+Shift+P”. On a Mac using Safari, it’s called “Private Browsing” or Incognito Mode. You can open a new Private Browsing window by clicking “File” then “New Private Window” or by holding “Command+Shift+N”.

Q: What if a Test Candidate does not receive a Score Report at the end of my exam?

A: The exam system should always present a Score Report to the candidate at the end of each exam. Sometimes this process can be disrupted by candidate actions (impulsively clicking the mouse/keys) or due to some other error/conflict in the background. Should this happen, make sure that Compass has closed entirely (refresh the session if required) then start Compass and have the candidate login and click on "Launch Exam"

      • If the candidate is prompted to "Resume Exam", have them click on that and once you enter your Proctor credentials, the exam should pick up from it's last saved point and the candidate should complete the exam from there.
      • If the candidate is not prompted to resume the exam - before doing anything further, have them login to their Certiport profile and check if their Score Report has uploaded despite the disruption. If the candidate has their Score Report, they may leave and you may close the Session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if I suspect the Test Candidate may be cheating?

A: Contact the Prodigy Learning representative immediately.

Q: What should the Test Candidate do if they lose internet or experience an error?

A: The Test Candidate will simply need to click on the link you provided them in order to re-establish the session. If necessary, have them reboot their computer and then try the link again. If their outage is prolonged, or you experience an unrecoverable error, please contact Prodigy Learning Support immediately using the Subject "EFH Support".

Q: What should I do if a Test Candidate cannot connect to the session after the session has started.

A: Refer to this article on how to address any issues about user Test Candidates sessions not being active.  Exams From Home (EFH): Exam Session is not Active

Q: How does the Test Candidate communicate with the Exam Administrator (Instructor) during exam launch?

A: The virtual session is a Windows 10 desktop and the application “Notepad” will be open on the desktop. A Test Candidate will utilize the blank Notepad instance to communicate back and forth with the Exam Administrator. It is advisable to have an alternative method of communication between you(the Proctor) the candidates for the duration of the exam as Notepad is not available during the exam itself. 

Q: What if I have not received my session hyperlink by the time our scheduled session has begun?

A: We will be sending out the links prior to the exam session. If you have not received your link within an hour of when your session is set to begin, please contact your Prodigy Learning representative.

Q: What happens if the Test Candidate logs in before the session link is active or after it has ended?

A: They will be met with an “Exam Session is not Active” error and will have to wait for the Proctor to launch the session.


Q: What happens if the Exam Administrator logs into the Admin VM outside the session time?

A: They will be met with an all-black screen and an “Invalid Symlink” error and will be unable to access the Admin VM - the Admin is only accessible 5 minute before the session start time and for 1 hour 45 minutes from the session start time.

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