Compass - New Exam Launch User Interface (UI)

Compass recently received an update to the User Interface (UI) used to launch Exams and you can find the new steps below.

Launching an Exam

  1. To begin, launch and login to the Compass Exam System with your Certiport username and password and then click on the "Launch an Exam" button
  2. Unless you have been instructed to enter Exam Group details and/or have an Exam Voucher, click "Next". If you are not sure, check this with your Exam Administrator. If you do have an Exam Group ID and/or Voucher, toggle the selector to "Yes" and then then the details. For example, if you have a Voucher, toggle the selector to "Yes" and then enter the Voucher in the "Enter a voucher number" field:efh_enter_voucher.png
  3. On the "Select Exam" screen, use the Search function to refine your options. For example, if you want to take a Word exam, type "word" into the "Find an Exam:" field then click on the blue link to select it:efh_select_exam.png
  4. Read and accept the Non-Disclosure and EULA Agreement, then click "Next".
  5. When you get to the Proctor screen, please wait for the Proctor to enter credentials to unlock your Exam. The Proctor will temporarily take over the keyboard and mouse to sign in. The controls will then return to you at which point you will review the exam tutorial and then begin your exam.efh_proctor.png
  6. When your exam is complete, you will see your score report. Be patient while your results are calculated and uploaded (a blank screen may appear for several seconds). Do not press any buttons or perform any actions while waiting for your score to upload. Your Score Report will be displayed when it is ready and you can download/print it if the device is set up to do so. If it is not, you can can obtain a copy from your online transcript on (see for steps).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can i view/print my certificate after i have finished my exam?

A: Certificates are all digitally fulfilled to the Test Candidate's Account, generally within 24 hours of achieving a pass. Once it is on the Account you can download it or print it by following the steps at

Q: Why do I see a message saying that my Office Software does not match my exam selection?efh_Office_not_supported.png

A: A feature was added to Compass on Sept 17, 2020, to detect the Office software that is locally installed and verify that it aligns with the exam you selected. Ensure you select the exact same exam that your Exam Administrator signed you up to take.

Q: Why can't I select Office 2016?

A: If you are presented with a "Microsoft Exam Version" screen and cannot continue after selecting "Office 2016" preference (you cannot click "Next" button is not available):efh_office_selection1.png

Navigate back to the “Select Exam” page, select the 2019 equivalent and then, when prompted to select a version of Office, pick “Office 2016”. For example, you want to take “Excel Expert 2016” – Select Excel Expert 2019 Exam and then choose “Office 2016”:efh_office_selection2.pngOn the Proctor screen, double check that you have the correct exam title shown and then launch the exam as normal.


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