Exams From Home (EFH): Reboot Candidate Machine

If you encounter a situation where your candidate is not able to proceed or control their machine on the Exams From Home System, the first thing to do is to try to Refresh the Student Machine from your Admin VM. To do this:

1.) In the section just above the Student Machine window, on your Admin VM, click on the "Refresh" button.

2.) Have the candidate refresh their browser window (F5).

If the issue persists, try Restarting the Student Machine. To do this:

1.) Click anywhere on the screen of the candidates machine, an "i"will appear on the top of the student machines screen (Yellow Arrow), select the "i"

2.) In the Menu that pops up, tick the "Keyboard shortcuts" checkbox then close the Menu

3.) On the top left of the screen a small selection of buttons should appear, click the ellipsis, "…" then click the "Ctrl+Alt+Del"

​4.) When the Windows menu appears. select Sign Out. This will restart the the student machine.

5.) Once screen has gone black, click the Refresh button for this machine (in your Admin VM). You should see the machine booting up. Let it cycle through the start up sequence and once it has started you can have the candidate refresh their browser then log in to Compass and try restarting the exam.

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