Exams From Home (EFH) Admin Guide Part 4: Verifying Candidate Identity and Environment



Verifying Candidate Identity and Environment

On the Verify & Unlock Exam screen in Compass, the exam administrator verifies the candidate identity and environment before unlocking the exam.

To facilitate the verification process, exam administrators can use a video conferencing platform, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, FaceTime, or other options. Candidates will need a webcam or other device with a camera capable of joining the video call in test centers where verification and monitoring by video are required. Given the limited time frame of the Exams from Home sessions, it may make sense to begin the process of verifying identity and environment before the start of the exam session.

Identity Check

Confirm the identity of the candidate. For example, in test centers where verification by video is required, if the candidate is not immediately recognizable the exam administrator could direct the candidate to present a school- or government-issued photo ID to the webcam, then compare the photo to the live candidate.

Environment Check

Validate that the candidate has followed the steps to prepare their environment for taking the exam.

  • The candidate should be in a private, quiet, well-lit room.
  • The candidate should clear their workspace.
    • The candidate should only have their computer and accompanying keyboard, mouse, and webcam.
    • The candidate is not allowed to use multiple monitors.
    • The candidate is not allowed any recording devices (including paper, pens, pencils, cameras, etc.)
    • Unless specifically cleared by the exam administrator as a means of communication with the candidate, the candidate should not have a mobile device within reach.
  • The candidate should remove all non-religious head coverings.

Unlock the Exam

When the candidate has met the qualifications, check the box to certify that you have validated the candidate identification and environment, enter your proctor credentials, and then unlock the exam.

Monitoring the candidate during the exam

After verifying the candidate identification and environment and unlocking the exam, exam administrators monitor the candidate during the exam.

In test centers where monitoring by video is required, you can direct candidates to join a video call where you can see all candidates during their exam.

If you suspect the candidate is not abiding by the rules of the examination, contact the candidate directly to verify the situation. If you need to terminate the session due to a candidate infraction, direct the candidate to close their web browser and contact please contact Prodigy Learning Support immediately using the Subject "EFH Support" or call us.

Things to watch for:

  • In the AdminVM tool, each candidate machine should only have one IP address join and exit once during the session. If more than one unique IP address joins, contact the candidate immediately. Make sure that no one else has access to the candidate link. If the same IP address joins and exits repeatedly, the candidate may be having internet connectivity problems.
  • In test centers where monitoring by video is required, if the candidate leaves the view of the webcam, someone else enters the private space, or you hear non-compliant activity, contact the candidate immediately.
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