How To: Compass - Run a Configuration Exam

Running a “Configuration Exam” for Microsoft Office Exams, validates the Exam System’s ability to start and deliver an exam using the version of Office that is installed on your device.

To run a configuration exam:

  1. Launch Compass and login with your Organisation Administrator/Member credentials
  2. Click on “Manage Exams” and then on the "Installed Exams" page, click the "Launch Config Exam" button for the exam that you intend to test.
    • If there is no "Launch Config Exam" option, click on "Download Additional Exams" then download/install the required Configuration Exam Content.
    • The standard Word/Excel Config Exam can be used when preparing to run Word/Excel Expert Exams.        
  3. The software will launch the Config Exam and you will need to navigate through the Exam Tutorial then click "Start Exam" to open the Configuration Project.

You do not need to answer any displayed test questions, just click “Submit Project” then “Submit Project” again to return back to Compass. When the test is completed, close/logout of Compass.

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